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Local Investment Support Institutions: 

Organization / Institution:  Local economic development
Field of activity:  Local government
Contact person:  Ana Aleksic
Telephone:  +381 31 573 655
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  Regional Chamber of Commerce
Field of activity:  Organization and assists in the establishment of expert support for its members to improve and improve njihivih Affairs
Contact person:  Dusko Majkic
Telephone:  +381 31 573 483
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  Regional Development Agency Zlatibor
Field of activity:  Advancement and Support of socio-economic advancement of the region
Contact person:  Slavko Lukic
Telephone:  +381 31 523 065
Web site:

Public Enterprises: 

Organization / Institution:  Directorate of Construction
Field of activity:  Control and monitoring of public enterprise
Contact person:  Darko Simsic
Telephone:  +381 31 511 447
Web site:  www.direkcijaue@rs
Organization / Institution:  Plumbing
Field of activity:  Distribution of Water
Contact person:  Milomir Sredojevic
Telephone:  +381 31 521 969
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  Civil Engineering
Field of activity:  Construction and maintenance of local roads
Contact person:  Goran Filipovic
Telephone:  +381 513 054
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  Heat
Field of activity:  Isgradnja and maintaining heating systems
Contact person:  Zoran Sibalic
Telephone:  +381 31 512 946
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  Stan
Field of activity:  Maintenance of office and residential buildings
Contact person:  Vesna Radivojevic
Telephone:  +381 31 513 259
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  Bioktos
Field of activity:  Jobs related to the collected waste; parking jobs
Contact person:  Branislav Maric
Telephone:  +381 31 520 173
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  deeply
Field of activity:  collection, separation and processing waste
Contact person:  Ivan Djokic
Telephone:  + 381 31 518 599
Web site:


Zlatiborski okrug
Zapadna Srbija
Area 667 m²
Population 78018 iz RZS za 2011
Workforce 57874 iz RZS za 2002
Employed 21701 iz RZS za 2012
Unemployed 6462 iz RZS za 2013
Unemployment Rate 22.16%
Average Gross Wage 482 iz RZS za 2012
Average Net Wage 347 iz RZS za 2012

Investment locations: 

  Hala mesinganih cevi...
Land 17630 m²
Buildings 9170 m²
Land 38908 m²
Buildings 2970 m²
  Terminal Sevojno
Land 94060 m²
Buildings 0 m²
  Industrijska Zona Se...
Land 17200 m²
Buildings 0 m²
  Ada Vrela
Land 34695 m²
Buildings 0 m²
Serbian Development Agency (RAS)
Resavska 13-15, 11000 Beograd, Srbija
T. +381.11.3398.510
F. +381.11.3398.550