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Local Investment Support Institutions: 

Organization / Institution:  Republic Geodetic-service real estate cadastre Pancevo
Field of activity:  Republic Geodetic Authority carries out professional and administrative tasks related to the state survey, land cadastre, real estate cadastre, cadastre lines and registration of real estate rights, their maintenance and renewal.
Contact person:  Dragan Vidaković
Telephone:  381 13 354 366
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  National Employment Agency-Branch-Pancevo
Field of activity:  Employment, education, retraining, additional training and providing other services to unemployed persons
Contact person:  Zorica Maksimović
Telephone:  381 13 306 806
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  regional Chamber of Commerce Pancevo
Field of activity:  Regional Chamber of Commerce Pancevo is an independent, professional association of business enterprises, banks and other legal entities that conduct business activities in the areas municipalities: Pancevo, Vrsac, Plandište, Kovin, Kovacica, Bela Crkva, Alibunar and Opovo, which through the branch associations and centers, Assembly and Board of Directors, representing the interests of its members.
Contact person:  Daliborka Ivanović
Telephone:  381 13 351 892
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  Statistics Institute-Department of Pancevo
Field of activity:  Collecting and maintaining data bases in all relevant areas of importance for the existence and development of the Republic of Serbia
Contact person:  Zoran Milovanović
Telephone:  381 13 346 582
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  Tourism Organization Pancevo
Field of activity:  Promotion of tourist product of the city
Contact person:  Zorana Vladu
Telephone:  381 13 351 366
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  Fund for Development of AP Vojvodina - poveriništvo Pancevo
Field of activity:  Financial support plans and projects of natural and legal persons
Contact person:  Bosiljka Bekić
Telephone:  381 13 344 442
Web site:

Public Enterprises: 

Organization / Institution:  JP ' Department for the construction and arrangement of the city ' Pancevo
Field of activity:  Jobs in the field of urban construction land in the area of roads in residential areas
Contact person:  Gordana Denčić-Kušljić
Telephone:  381 13 348 722; 344 355;
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  PUC ' Hygiene '
Field of activity:  Collecting Collecting garbage, old things, used items and waste, waste removal, such as the remains of destroyed buildings, the disposal of waste by burning or otherwise, compression waste Disposal waste on land or water, and burial, removal of waste from the trash container in public places, cleaning and sprinkling of streets, paths and parking lots, removal of snow and ice from footpaths and spreading salt and sand, clearance and cleaning of septic tanks and holding tanks and sewerage landfill, editing and maintenance of the landfill.
Contact person:  Milan Bokšan
Telephone:  381 13 327 000; 344 855
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  PUC ' Water Supply and Sewerage '
Field of activity:  Water Supply and maintenance of water supply and sewerage networks
Contact person:  Aleksandar Radulović
Telephone:  381 13 345 377
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  PUC ' green | PUC YouTube | PUC Heat| JRDP RTV Pancevo
Field of activity:  markets, cemeteries, urban "green" interior decoration and exterior, services, machinery and planting material.
Contact person:  Danilo Bjelica
Telephone:  381 13 346 923
Web site:
Organization / Institution:  JPElektrovojvodina - Branch Pancevo
Field of activity:  PUC for development and maintenance of public facilities sprtskih
Contact person:  Zoltan Duš
Telephone:  381 13 315 412
Web site: 
Organization / Institution: 
Field of activity:  manufacture and supply steam and hot water
Contact person:  Zoran Ašanin
Telephone:  381 13 315 400
Web site:
Organization / Institution: 
Field of activity:  Production and broadcasting of radio and television programs
Contact person:  Tatjana Jelisić
Telephone:  381 13 318 492
Web site:
Organization / Institution: 
Field of activity:  maintenance and construction of distribution network, billing and payment of Electricity, calibration;
Contact person:  Biljana Komnenić
Telephone:  381 13 21 48 212
Web site:


Južnobanatski okrug
Area 755 m²
Population 122252 iz RZS za 2011
Workforce 88821 iz RZS za 2002
Employed 27906 iz RZS za 2012
Unemployed 11808 iz RZS za 2013
Unemployment Rate 28.90%
Average Gross Wage 586 iz RZS za 2012
Average Net Wage 421 iz RZS za 2012

Investment locations: 

  Pancevo , Bore Sipos...
Land 1366 m²
Buildings 980 m²
Land 34410 m²
Buildings 15000 m²
Land 66373 m²
Buildings 0 m²
Land 16689 m²
Buildings 0 m²
Land 0 m²
Buildings 3000 m²
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Serbian Development Agency (RAS)
Resavska 13-15, 11000 Beograd, Srbija
T. +381.11.3398.510
F. +381.11.3398.550