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General Data: 

Location Name:  Business Park
City/Municipality:  Bački Petrovac

Land and Building Information: 

Total Land Area (m²):  300000
Total Buildings Area (m²):  14827

Location Description: 

Partners we offer: lease of land and halls, selling land and halls. Benefits: Private ownership of land and buildings, road network, proximity to the railway station (2 km), canal network load ships and barges up to 1000 T, equipped with infrastructure space (electric grid, water supply network, gas network, medium pressure, hydrant network, system compressed air ...), common security services, common telephone exchange, a common heating and joint k

Business Park

Bački Petrovac
Južnobački okrug
Land Area 300000
Buildings Area 14827
Number of buildings 10
Different options possible
Constructon/Agricultural land

Serbian Development Agency (RAS)
Resavska 13-15, 11000 Beograd, Srbija
T. +381.11.3398.510
F. +381.11.3398.550