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General Data: 

Location Name:  Konfekcija Poljanica
City/Municipality:  Vranje

Land and Building Information: 

Total Land Area (m²):  14484
Total Buildings Area (m²):  4036

Location Description: 

The building was built in 1984 garment god. as a modern facility with the purpose to produce confectionery products mainly srenje heavy clothing. It is located close to local road with its own approach at 15 Km from the village near Vranje Selo whopping one of about thirty villages in the municipality of Vranje, which is called "Poljanica". Today it employs 91 workers YUMCO. The building has two substations, private drinking water supply, solid fuel boiler room, boiler al. 110kw energy, compressor station power 20kW, 38kW power vacuum pump.

Konfekcija Poljanica

Pčinjski okrug
Južna Srbija
Land Area 14484
Buildings Area 4036
Number of buildings 1
Different options possible
Construction land

Serbian Development Agency (RAS)
Resavska 13-15, 11000 Beograd, Srbija
T. +381.11.3398.510
F. +381.11.3398.550