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General Data: 

Location Name:  Zona C
City/Municipality:  Kruševac

Land and Building Information: 

Total Land Area (m²):  4022
Total Buildings Area (m²):  0

Location Description: 

Complex Small Business Zone C is located in the industrial zone north and covers an area of 2.52 ha, with a total of 11 locations (two locations free) with the purpose to build a business and manufacturing facilities GF to P +1. The planned net area of buildings is a 560-1214m2. Distance from the center is about 1000m from the railway Stalac-Cacak about 800m and the first national road Order (M5) 2500 or a northern bypass, with a link to the State put 2 line (R102) built access roads. Planning

Zona C

Rasinski okrug
Centralna Srbija
Land Area 4022
Buildings Area 0
Number of buildings 0
Construction land

Serbian Development Agency (RAS)
Resavska 13-15, 11000 Beograd, Srbija
T. +381.11.3398.510
F. +381.11.3398.550