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General Data: 

Location Name:  Odmaralište Savača
City/Municipality:  Bor

Land and Building Information: 

Total Land Area (m²):  2328
Total Buildings Area (m²):  1266

Location Description: 

The complex, known as the Savaca Resort, is 300 meters from the shores of Lake Bor. Savača is surrounded by a complex of 14 hectares of forest. It used to serve as a resort and picnic area for children and young people. The investment location includes 5 cadastral parcels with a total area of ​​2328 m2 on which there are 4 buildings. All facilities are in good condition and can be put into operation immediately: the building of the preschool institution - children's resort of 1062 m2 and three auxiliary buildings of 50, 52, and 102 m2. The complex of buildings is fully equipped with infrastructure - access road, water, sewer and telephone line. On the mentioned area there are fenced grass football fields, three handball courts (one with floodlights) and 7 basketball courts, three of which are illuminated for night games, a beach volleyball court, a football or sand handball court, and landscaped hiking trails. , a stage with lighting and an indoor fitness room-gym. The resort building had 140 beds, arranged in 12 six-bed and 34 double rooms with bathrooms. The resort has classrooms, a TV and music room, a table tennis room and a chess room. In one of the auxiliary buildings there was a kitchen with a dining room. "

Odmaralište Savača

Borski okrug
Istočna Srbija
Land Area 2328
Buildings Area 1266
Number of buildings 4

Serbian Development Agency (RAS)
Resavska 13-15, 11000 Beograd, Srbija
T. +381.11.3398.510
F. +381.11.3398.550