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General Data: 

Location Name:  FEMID - 2
City/Municipality:  Bela Palanka

Land and Building Information: 

Total Land Area (m²):  5320
Total Buildings Area (m²):  2498

Location Description: 

Factory location is located at the very entrance to the city, 500 meters from the city center. Here was the former factory Ei Nis, where electric flag sets, IMR, IMT were produced. It has all connections to the water supply, sewerage, own substation of 473 kv. There is a possibility of upgrading a hall on an existing plot of approximately 2000 m2 per 1 km from the new highway Corridor 10 and the Railway Corridor 10. In 2018, the Sofia-Nis gas interconnection is planned to be 1 km from the existing location.


Bela Palanka
Pirotski okrug
Južna Srbija
Land Area 5320
Buildings Area 2498
Number of buildings 3
Different options possible
Construction land

Serbian Development Agency (RAS)
Resavska 13-15, 11000 Beograd, Srbija
T. +381.11.3398.510
F. +381.11.3398.550